Punctuation Day

24 Sep

OK, file this under: Even I was surprised and I love punctuation.


Today is Punctuation Day – How are you going to celebrate?


Personally, I bought a can of spray paint and have been correcting the signs all over town that are punctuated incorrectly. They’ve been driving me mad for months, but no longer! Now, thanks to National Punctuation Day, I’ve worked out my issues and made the town a Properly Punctuated Haven.


Go celebrate at the National Punctuation Day website.

One Response to “Punctuation Day”

  1. Betty September 24, 2008 at 5:32 pm #

    Um, I giving punctuation a rest. it deserves a rest. It’s tired!!! It works it’s butt off every other day of the year. NO work for Punctuation!!!!

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