Reading and Reviewing — Pitfalls

7 Sep

So, I thought this fall I’d pick a day and do a more recent book review each week — Maybe try to review some books the week the come out type of deal.


So, I went to the library and grabbed three books by well-known authors I’ve yet to read.  It didn’t go well. But, since I’ve decided this is a positive review zone, I’m left a little high and dry.


Here’s what I came up with:


One book that was cute and comes out in November in paperback. I’m saving my review for then.

One book that (for once) would make a great movie, but I had to struggle to finish.

One book that I didn’t bother to finish. This was the most shocking for me because it was one of the Simon Pulse romantic comedy ones.  By chapter four we were still in set-up mode and I was dying. I mean, these books are short (65K words) and four chapters, no hero, no setting – seriously!  I typically love the SP rom coms.


So, for this week, I got nada for you — just the warning that its coming.  Maybe having read so many AMAZING books this year, my standard is higher.


Or maybe not.

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