Characters Unedited

24 Jul

Do you have a character that never seems to need editing? That flows and is so clear that you HEAR her in your head as you read her scenes?Hopefully, if you do, it’s a major character. But, if you’re me, she’s a minor character.


My girl Ellenia is so real, so clear that her scenes fly. The pace is fast, the description light but right on, the other characters seem to struggle to keep up with her frantic pace. We all know that person in the real world, but to have her spring life so clearly as a secondary character was almost startaling.


She makes me laugh out loud, she makes me cry. Knowing what’s in her future, I rush through emotions like a Diva at a shoe sale.


But the funniest part is, the other characters don’t seem to need editing when she’s on the go either. The descriptions are crisp, the action is moving along without skipping all over the page. Everything just feels a little fresher.


So, why couldn’t she be my main character? Why oh why is it the secondary who steals the scene without, well stealing the scene?


I’m not sure. I wish I knew. Actually, I wish I could bottle it!


The best part is everyone’s reaction to her. As soon as she hit the page, everyone wanted to know who she was (she’s a bit of a mystery) – I won’t tell, but I’m collecting guesses. Some are close, some are great but not close, but all show a love for the character that excites me to no end.


And so, am I tempted to put her in every scene I ever write so I’ll never have more than quick edits again? That seems a bit like eating too much chocolate — yes, I personally found out there is such a thing.


I’m dying to know, tho – does anyone else have the uneditable character? If so, what’s YOUR secret?

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