Summer Reads: THE OUTSIDERS by S.E. Hinton

9 Jul

Every time I think of the brilliance of this book I have to ask myself “What the heck have I done with my life?” Ms. Hinton wrote The Outsiders while still in high school, influenced by the social divide she saw every day.


While all schools have social structures, the extremes here are telling. This isn’t just who plays what sport or what type of clothes they wear. This book is about the bone deep difference that occurs when raised with values, expectations and privileges so different that people feel as though they come from different worlds, not the same town.


One of the reasons I included this book (beyond it being one of my favorite YA books) is the fact that Ms. Hinton wrote it so young. For every one out  there who has no one encouraging them to chase after a dream – look to this! For everyone who listens to people say “after high school” or “after college” or “after you have a steady job” or “after you get that promotion” – look to this! To everyone who thinks that young people can’t channel that emotional core they haven’t yet lost sight of – look to this!


The one thing I beg you is – if you haven’t read the book, go get it today. You’re robbing yourself if you believe the movie holds a candle to it – no matter how many hot guys are in it!

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