Summer Reads: TWO WAY STREET by Lauren Barnholdt

25 Jun

I LOVE  a good He Said/She Said book. I said “good,” right?  There aren’t a lot of those.


Lauren Barnholdt’s Two Way Street surpasses good – and goes into “I read it in one sitting, had to go back read it again and put sticky notes all over it” good.


Mismatched-surprise couple Jordan and Courtney are in love — no wait, they broke up — but they’re still driving from Florida to Boston together to start their freshman year of college. Hidden in all the lies, there’s a truth that could be more devisating than the actual break-up.


Jordan is one of those heroes. You know. The guy you aren’t sure you can forgive. Even when you get what he did and why you aren’t sure. . .and then again, maybe you can.


Courtney is a girl we can all relate to – sweet, smart and surprised that the hot player wants her. And then not so surprised when he doesn’t.


I highly recommend Two Way Street. It does one of those things life does: hands you humor while you’re hurting. I mean, what other book could make blaming My Space for basically everything wrong in the world believable?


If you’ve read it, let us know what you think. . .If not, go grab it and get outside!


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